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Car Lights

Tail & Headlight Tint


Add the look you want to your vehicle and give it even more character than having to go out & buy brand new lights to get that exact image that’s in your head. This translucent film comes in different shades of darkness giving you options that best suite your needs. Each shade of film the light will shine through once the brake is applied your lights are turned on. This creates a look that separates your vehicle from the rest while being safe & edgy at the same time.

This is a translucent film strictly meant for tail lights & head lights to bend, stretch & mold to the light casing. This is a great alternative to doing the tail light spray paints because it can be remove from the tail or headlight later on.

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Tinting your tail or headlights gives your car an extra protection against the UV rays, scratches, bird droppings & anything that can oxidize that soft plastic & destroy that clear coat that protects them as well.

Ultimate Protection for your headlights is with something called PPF (Paint Protection Film) that is a clear thick film & with them being up front & taking most of the damage they are if not more important to protect from the elements and debris without taking away your vision

car light
Image by Sam Warren


When it comes to the quality of the film for either the tail lights or headlights we use only the best products that come with warranties to guarantee that you are happy & that protect your purchase. We focus on quality because it’s not worth your time or ours to have bad film put on your lights & have it damage them later on down the road. It’s all about longevity by protecting your vehicle with the best products & making sure your vehicle stays the way you want it.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your headlights from debris & oxidizing

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